Craig Walsh

INCURSION, 25.033°N /121.633°E

Taipai, Taiwan, 2011


4 channel synchronized digital projection
14 minute loop
temporal installation
by craig walsh
River Corridor Project, Zhonggang Main Drainage,
Taipai, Taiwan 2011

The installation responds to the presence of water in the site and simulates new digital life emanating out of the waterway. The 3D digital projection responds not only to the body of water but the architectural wall and waterfalls connected to the body of water.  The evolution of this project has been guided by the curatorial brief which references local history along with environmental and cultural issues relating to water. This development redefines a major drainage system into a public space and links new developments in the area.This commission provided the opportunity to further explore my interest in developing artworks which can stimulate the evolution of local mythologies. Given this is a new development with an artificial waterway, it seemed appropriate to instill artificial life. The emergence of a creeping vine which eventually flowers, and a hybrid creature which virtually defends its territory providing new life forms for this precinct. This work not only instills a new mythology in a space void of history, but provides something that is truly local to stimulate new histories. I would hope the generation of a new life would give great pride to this community as it continues to have presence and assist with establishing the new identity for this precinct. The conclusion of the projection disintegrates into pixels falling into the water. This an important stage in the narrative as it references the construction of a digital simulation and exposes its artificiality.