Craig Walsh


Ipswich Parklands, Bremer River, Ipswich, Australia, 2007


Classification Pending is a permanent public artwork in the Bremer River, Ipswich Parklands, Queensland. (Modified versions also appeared temporarily in the Ooka River (Yokahama) and The Thames (London).  In this work, artificial life forms appear to exist in the river as permanent residents. Visible after dark, the narrative evolves over twelve months in four monthly cycles, commencing as a single form and eventually finding a mate and breeding. It consists of a 3 channel projection of the 3D animated organism projected into the river and is based on a hybrid of the extinct Woolungasaurus, the common Eel, fork tailed catfish, Brisbane short-necked turtle and the mullet. It is also accompanied by text projected onto a nearby bridge abutment which presents transcripts of ‘sightings ’ in waterways globally. This work provides the subject and catalyst to evoke a local ‘sighting’ and explores the possibility to engage local residents in developing and promoting a local mythology specific to this appearance of an unknown species. This installation presents new possibilities of how permanent evolving public artworks can integrate into specific environments and provide long-term engagement. The work also raises issues relating too how we interact with nature and the ability to simulate these types of ‘experiences’ through technology.

Opened 3rd February 2007
Permanent Evolving public Artwork
Ipswich Parklands, Bremer River, Ipswich, Australia.

4 channel synchronized video projection
(operating daily between 6pm – 10pm)

Artist/Director: Craig Walsh
3D/2D Animation: Steven Thomasson
Text: Sebastian Moody
Documentation: Dan Mcarthur
Documentation post-production: Steven Thomasson