Craig Walsh


Hyde park, Sydney, Australia, , 2012


3 channel digital video projection
stereo sound, existing landscape

Every landscape hides countless untold stories. As night descends on Hyde Park South, the trees are illuminated as faces emerge from the leaves and branches. The effect is haunting.

This installation continues a series of ephemeral artworks which focus on elements of local history that have been edited or denied representation in public space. Defining what is important to record for historical purposes and immortalsed in public monuments has often been in the hands of those with selective motivations. EMERGENCE pays homage to Hyde Park’s history as a meeting point for civic unrest, protest, and direct action. Three individuals from diverse backgrounds, linked through their commitment to social change movements, are presented here as a collective monument to civic action.

“I have been involved in protest because it is a way to say you are not going to accept an unjust position. Especially when the majority opinion is against it such as the war in Iraq or marriage equality. When public opinion and the media are against you you need to protest and take a principled position such as with the inhumane treatment of refugees. I am not a passive consumer but an active participant in society. Don’t let the corrupt and greedy win.”
Colin Charlton

“Change is always rejected by those that are benefitting from the status quo. Consider the Coal Seam Gas gold rush that is upon us. Who stands to gain? If energy was the only issue, then we’d transition immediately to renewables, but a mining billionaire can’t sell the wind or the sun, can they? Right now, all around Australia, communities are protesting to demonstrate a different view. They are calling for different solutions because now is the time to reconsider our place in the natural systems that support our very existence.”
Jennifer Anne Curtis

“Not to speak out about injustice, when one can, is to condone it. In a world where poverty and suffering are rife, I have always believed that to look the other way and accept the status quo is to deny one’s humanity and capacity for action.”
Sylvia P Hale

EMERGENCE by artist Craig Walsh, is a collaboration between Art & About Sydney and the Australian Museum.