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01st February, 2012

The Art of Engagement: Culture, collaboration, innovation
Elaine Lally, Ien Ang, Kay Anderson

The Art of Engagement: Culture, collaboration, innovation
Elaine Lally, Ien Ang, Kay Anderson

The Art of Engagement investigates contemporary art projects which aim to establish a unique collaborative process by bringing artists together with businesses, other organisations, and communities.

This book documents exemplary collaborations between artists Craig Walsh, Sylvie Blocher, Ash Keating, and Jeanne van Heeswijk, and business partners from Sydney including a Rugby League team, and environmental and waste management companies to demonstrate that the community is everywhere: in the artwork, at the sites of artistic expression and in the reactions to the works produced by C3West.

The Art of Engagement explores the aesthetic, political and economic dimensions of each project and features quality images and documentation of the completed C3West projects.

As a reference for the art world in Australia and internationally, this book will appeal to both visual and performing artists, those who work within the arts, or are engaged in cultural studies.


29th January, 2012

interview about Digital odyssey in Arts Interview


29th January, 2012

four channel installation utilizing documentation of INCURSION, 43:38:36.19 N / 79:25:19.89 W
Nuit Blanche, Toronto, Canada, 2007 as part of

Fish in Australian Art
Australian National Maritime Museum
5 April - 1 October 2012
This is the story of people and fish, told through a history of Australian art.  The wonderment of fish and fishing has inspired Australia’s Indigenous people as well as explorers, convicts, naturalists, ethnographers, scientists, artisans and artists both amateur and professional.  The art they have produced shows how fish and fishing have touched the lives of individuals and communities.

The exhibition features works by William Buelow Gould, Margaret Olley, William Dobell, Arthur Boyd, Yvonne Koolmatrie, John Olsen, Rupert Bunny, John Brack, Michael Leunig and many more.


29th January, 2012


Contemporary artist to provide concepts for new project

Contemporary Australian artist Craig Walsh will undertake an artist in residency project at the Australian Museum from November 2011– January 2012.

Walsh will spend two months liaising with Museum staff and immersed in the Museum’s collection of over 18 million specimens and cultural objects.

He will then develop a series of artwork proposals to present to the Museum in late February 2012.

Born in Orange, NSW, Walsh (45) is renowned for visually stunning large-scale new media works exhibited in diverse public spaces from urban buildings to national parks. He works across a range of art forms including public works, gallery exhibitions, festivals, theatre and architecture, and has recently exhibited at the Powerhouse Museum (2009) and Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (2008).

Australian Museum Assistant Director Public Engagement Steven Alderton said the relationship is an exciting collaboration for the Museum.

“We are always exploring new ways of looking at our Collections, as well as adding new, contemporary pieces to them,” says Steven Alderton.

“Craig’s approach is very innovative and gives audiences a sense of excitement and wonder long after they experience the artwork, whether it is projection, photography, sculpture or new media.

“We look forward to seeing an imaginative response to our brief for concepts which we hope can be developed into a project to challenge and inspire our visitors, and also to tour outside of the Museum.”

Walsh’s work has been selected for major survey exhibitions, festivals, commissions, and national and international residencies.

Craig Walsh: Digital Odyssey

18th January, 2010

Craig Walsh: Digital Odyssey is an exciting and ambitious, two-year regional tour and artist residency, organised by the Museum of Contemporary Art in association with the artist. This innovative and ambitious project brings internationally respected Australia artist Craig Walsh’s distinctive new media artwork to rural and remote locations throughout the country. Walsh is traveling around Australia developing and presenting temporary or semi-permanent large-scale public projection works that are responsive to regional history, local stories and the surrounding landscape.
Digital Odyssey utilises the extraordinary artwork of a leading contemporary artist to capture the imagination of those living, working and visiting regional areas. Walsh’s visually stunning large-scale new media works are exhibited in diverse public spaces from urban buildings to national parks. His site-specific works are innovative and leave audiences with a sense of excitement and wonder long after they experience the artwork.
This project sees the artist touring in a mobile living and working environment equipped with all the necessary technical and AV equipment required to ensure that he is completely self-sufficient and able to present and produce major public artworks almost anywhere in the country.
The artworks presented in Digital Odyssey are new public artworks and recreated existing works developed in collaboration with local communities during the artist’s residency in specific regional locations across the country.
Digital Odyssey aims to initiate meaningful interaction with contemporary art by enabling rural and remote audiences to experience and actively engage with the development and installation of highly technical new media art works rarely presented outside of major cities.
Digital Odyssey is supported by a range of specially developed public and education programs, and a publication will also be produced during the project.

Digital Odyssey official website.

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